Legal Disclaimer

The reports are taken from publicly available sources. Any intellectual property rights remain with their owners. The reports were taken over by AMANA without any checking. Therefore no liability is assumed for their correctness and completeness. If a report was supplemented / changed / replaced after publication, it is possible that this will be reproduced in the XBRL portal later with a considerable delay (in individual cases it may not even be at all). Insofar as fictitious messages are displayed or key figures are extracted on the basis of the reports, this only serves to display the possibilities offered by the AMANA software. A check for correctness cannot be carried out due to the large amount of data. Conclusions that do not refer exclusively to the AMANA-software are drawn by the user at their own risk. AMANA shall not be liable to user for any damage in this respect. In case of doubt, the user must check the original report and draw own conclusions on this basis.

The diverse functions of our portal range from the creation and management to the visualization and analysis of XBRL reports.

Due to the certified XBRL engine, any taxonomy can be used immediately without changing the software. A verified and complete validation ensures that XBRL reports are guaranteed to be generated correctly.

Our XBRL Portal

Filing Overview
Taxonomy Management

XBRL portal for all sectors

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Provision of the iXBRL-Tagger for the requirements ESEF, SEC IFRS, HGB, CIPC, SBR and source formats - Word, InsDesign, PDF, XHTML

Country-by-Country Reporting-converter

Word-to-eBanz (Federal Gazette)-converter


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Banking sector

CRD VI: FINREP & COREP (incl. large exposure) - Create and validate messages (incl. cross-framework)

100% validation rules of the supervisory authorities easy to understand

Convert Liability Data Report (LDR) and MREL via Excel (SRB)

FinaRiskV Report on risk-bearing capacity

MIFID/MIFIR Excel to transaction message converter

AnaCredit Excel to SDMX/XML converter

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Insurance companies

Solvency II QRT Reporting

Import from Excel and any previous system

immediately ready to use, QRTs always up to date

Validation rules of EIOPA and BaFin (incl. Filing Rules)

Direct dispatch via MVP portal to BaFin

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Supervisory authority

Management of XBRL reports

Web service interfaces and integrated BI databases

Custom Validation Rules

Key Performance Indicators

On-Premise Hosting

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Pension funds

Simple Excel-to-XBRL-converter from templates

Validation rules of EIOPA and BaFin

Excel-to-XML-converter for small detectors

Very low costs for small industries

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C# or Web service API for integration into existing software

All specifications are implemented and officially certified

Rapid validation of large XBRL instances with multi-threading

Moderate memory consumption

64-bit compatible